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fund for the girls │ A Statewide Initiative That Supports Mississippians In Need Of Breast Health Services

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A statewide initiative that supports Mississippians in need of breast health services.

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What is fund for the girls?
Direct Local Impact
How We Are Different
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    What is fund for the girls

    fund for the girls supports Mississippians, through Baptist Health Foundation, by breaking down the financial barrier that prevents some from seeking needed breast health services. In contrast to other good programs that provide assistance for single episodes of care, fund for the girls is designed to help women through the continuum of breast care services.

    How fund for the girls Works

    Payment for breast health services, including screening and diagnostic mammograms, ultrasounds, biopsies and other services as medically indicated, are initiated through request from physicians on staff at Baptist Medical Center. This built-in accountability ensures two important goals of fund for the girls:

    • Patients can obtain necessary medical care without financial stress and concern. Working with a patient’s physician means that services provided are driven by what the physician and patient determine is needed as opposed to a predefined set of services.

    • Funds are directed to the people with the greatest financial need. Physicians’ offices can determine a person’s ability to pay, while preserving their privacy and dignity. If you don’t have a doctor, we can help you find one.
    All services available through fund for the girls are offered at the Center for Breast Health at Baptist Medical Center.

    Low Cost Screening Mammograms

    Our Low Cost Screening Mammogram program is available to anyone who meets American Cancer Society and American College of Radiology guidelines. The Center for Breast Health offers screening mammograms for a flat fee of $180, payable by cash only. To schedule a screening mammogram at Baptist, call the Center for Breast Health at 601-973-3180. A physician's order is required.

    We Keep Things Fun

    One thing we know is that when women get together to have fun, good things can happen. There’s a lot of power in just having fun. So while breast cancer is no laughing matter, we are using the power of laughter and energy to raise money for women who need help getting breast health care.

    We are seriously determined to have fun while raising money for a serious cause. That means that whatever we do to raise money for fund for the girls, we’re going to have FUN together.

    So while we’re raising money, lifting spirits and supporting women in need, it could be the most fun you’ve ever had doing something really great.

    fund for the girls: visible support was never so much fun®


  • Direct Local Impact

    Since August 2012, fund for the girls has received over $675,000 in contributions and assisted 1261 patients ranging from 35 to 65 years old. The fund has utilized over $555,000 representing 1155 mammograms, 360 ultrasounds, and 71biopsies. Dollars raised have gone solely to providing breast health services to patients as our overhead costs are fully funded by Baptist. We have had an overwhelmingly positive response from physicians who have utilized the fund on behalf of their patients, but the response from patients has been the greatest reward of all. 

    We have ongoing efforts to achieve this goal in the form of community-based fundraisers, solicitation of generous local donors, and overall breast health awareness outreach.  As our patient base continues to grow, so does our need for additional support.


    Consider These Facts

    The State of Mississippi has the highest death rate for breast cancer in all of the United States. Statistics show that early detection of breast cancer, primarily through screening mammograms, is the single most important factor for decreasing death rates. Studies also show that lower education levels, lower income and lack of insurance are all associated with lower mammography usage.

    Last year, more than 200,000 women in Mississippi aged 40 and older did not receive a screening mammogram. Over 100,000 women in this age group do not have insurance. For these reasons, it appears that Mississippi women are doing without mammograms, and therefore being diagnosed with breast cancer at a more advanced, less treatable stage.


  • Our Kind of Fund: How We Are Different

    Baptist Medical Center is the only locally-owned, locally-governed, not-for-profit, faith-based healthcare system in the State of Mississippi and is determined to be the quality leader in Mississippi’s breast health services market. fund for the girls helps women who need breast health services in a number of unique ways:

    • We put up our own money first. Our discounted screening mammogram program is made possible because of our commitment to provide this service at cost. This widens the reach of the single-most important measure in stamping out deaths due to breast cancer.
    • We work with each woman’s physician to provide funds for the services she needs. Our funds are dispersed not as grants, but as payment for medically necessary services. Because the funding is clinically driven, it is not limited to a defined set of services. This flexibility ensures that women have access to financial assistance for a comprehensive range of screening, diagnostic and treatment services.
    • It’s a simple process. A patient’s personal physician initiates the request for funding by contacting the Center for Breast Health.
    • We focus on early intervention and treatment. We are deeply grateful for organizations that are looking to the future and funding research, however, we choose to focus on what we can do right now to impact the lives of Mississippians.
    • Breast services are provided through Baptist’s nationally accredited breast program, with a certified Patient Navigator to assist patients throughout the entire experience.