FUNd For The Girls

fund for the girls

fund for the girls │ A Statewide Initiative That Supports Mississippians In Need Of Breast Health Services

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A statewide initiative that supports Mississippians in need of breast health services.


Give Your 18
 is an annual program that kicks off 18 days before Mother's Day.
How do you Give Your 18? Simply contribute $18 to fund for the girls, and you'll be contributing to a much-needed mammogram for a Mississippian in need.

Send a Mother's Day card
that has the power to save lives.

This Mother's Day, give her more than just a card. After all, moms are the reason we're all here. For the first 18 years, they carried us, cared for us and comforted us – and while we were in need, they fed and clothed us.

They kept us safe.
Honor them by helping other women in need.

With a donation of just $18 to fund for the girls, you help ensure the safety of a woman in need – more than likely a mom herself – because your donation helps pay for her mammogram. In fact, every time 10 people like you Give Your 18, a woman who could be at risk receives a mammogram.

Mom taught you to make a difference.
Now it's your turn to show you care and give back.

Here's how it works:
The cost of a mammogram is $180. 

— 1 —

Give Your 18 by making an $18 contribution to fund for the girls. You can make your donation in honor of, or in memory of any person you choose.

— 2 —

Invite your friends and family members to do the same because every dollar counts for the lifesaving gift of a mammogram.

— 3 

Or invite nine of your friends and family members to donate with you so that you each contribute towards a mammogram.
However you decide to donate do it today, and invite your friends to join you!

When you make a donation, you or your honoree will receive a card. You have the option of presenting it in person, or you may specify your honoree and we’ll mail it directly to them.