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fund for the girls │ A Statewide Initiative That Supports Mississippians In Need Of Breast Health Services

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A statewide initiative that supports Mississippians in need of breast health services.

Host a fund for the girls Event

If you and your girlfriends like getting together and doing something fun, you can host a fund for the girls event to raise money for women in need. No amount is too small or too great to make a difference to a woman who needs breast care.

Plan something fun that will give people a chance to make a contribution. Teach a class. Cook a meal. Have a party.  Then complete our “We Want to Have Fun” form. When your event is approved, we will email you a fund for the girls logo to help you publicize your fun event. We will also provide a signature fund for the girls item as a door prize.

After you’ve received your fund for the girls logo and other event details, just let the fun begin!

When you’ve had all the fun you can stand, we want to hear about it and publish your event information online. Here’s what we need: 

  1. One or two color photos from your event.
  2. A description of your event. Tell us what you did, how you shared information about fund for the girls and just how much fun you had!
  3. Your donation in a check payable to fund for the girls. Mail to Baptist Health Foundation, Attn: fund for the girls, 1225 North State Street, Jackson, MS 39202

Submit the form below to request information about hosting a fund for the girls event.

We Want To Have Fun